Shapeshifting is a common theme in mythologyfolklore, and fairy tales. It is also found in epic poemsscience fiction literature, fantasy literature, children’s literature, Shakespearean comedy, ballet, film, television, comics, and video games. In its broadest sense, shapeshifting occurs when a being (usually human) either (1) has the ability to change its shape into that of another person, creature, or other entity or (2) finds its shape involuntarily changed by someone else…………

A young character may learn of his shape-shifting abilities, and exploring them becomes part of a BildungsromanMavin Manyshaped and her son Peter in Sheri S. Tepper‘s True Gamenovels are both shifters, being a subspecies of humans having this power, and in both, the learning of their abilities is a large portion of their growing up.

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