An Ecology of Texture

Our initial idea was to create a texture which can operate as an ecology, that is to contain a series of functions that relate with each other and with their environment. When we will be referring to the term texture, we will be using its definition in art, which is the quality given to a work of art by the composition and interaction of its parts and in our case of its materials. Our texture ecology will be a network of coordinated behaviours from where life forms occur. A medley of digital code and physical interpretation. For something to be alive we need a functioning network of information and behaviours.  So as to define those behaviours, we chose to experiment with the human body, as an attempt to make the most of its senses, and its figure. We also took into our consideration the characteristics and the constraints of the materials used, i.e. the elasticity, the stiffness, the adaptability. By combining the senses of a body and the limits/benefits of the material used, we acknowledged the new behaviours that could occur.

In the meanwhile, and also having in mind the human body, we concentrated on the concept of the real time human response to a “living” form  that changes or transforms on the body. This led us for the moment to the idea of creating something wearable that could potentially have implications in bigger scale.


Trying to put in order our references and having as a starting point creative projects that inspired us, we created a presentation. You are welcome to follow this link  and view the full presentation.


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